One-Page Sales Strategy

A simple worksheet to help you create a killer sales strategy and land higher-paying B2B consulting clients, so you can run a more profitable consulting business.


A step-by-step sales strategy guide for women running independent consulting businesses.

If you...

  • Struggle to nail your elevator pitch
  • Feel awkward asking for the sale, no matter how much you practice
  • Can’t find the clients that can afford you

  • Aren’t sure how to promote your services without sounding salesy
  • Don’t have many new clients in your pipeline
  • Break out in hives thinking about sales calls

This free One-Page Sales Strategy will help you create a clear plan so you can work with the clients you love, get paid what you want, and build your dream
consulting business.

About Leah

Hi! I'm Leah Neaderthal and I'm a sales coach for women running B2B consulting and coaching businesses.

But I've never been a salesperson. I’m a business owner who learned how to land new clients by running my consulting businesses.

That means I know it's 1000x harder to sell your own stuff than it is to sell someone else's.

And I know that automated funnels and sales scripts don't work for the B2B clients you work with.

That’s exactly why my sales methodology works for entrepreneurs.

After you create your One-Page Sales Strategy, you’ll have the confidence and clarity to put yourself out there, land new clients, take on only the ones you want, charge and get paid more...

And run the business you envisioned when you left corporate.


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